I am looking for some help with a recently acquired Linux VPS (clean load) running Cpanel and WHM.

We are wanting a couple of installs doing, help with a move (urgent) we're currently undertaking from another VPS in Thailand to this one (in the USA) and also another move from the USA to another server in around a months time. On top of this, some weekly 'odd job' server admin stuff will be required, and if the successful applicant has any other skills, we'll try our best to make use of them!

Must have:

  • DNS Knowledge and Experience
  • Nameserver setup
  • Seamless transition of site moves between 2 VPS/Dedicated servers
  • Linux server knowledge/experience
  • Skype!


  • Mysql server knowledge/experience
  • Load balancing knowledge/experience
  • DDOS Protection Systems knowledge/experience

Position available just on a freelance basis, we may need you every day some days (you won't be working 'hours' as per) but then we might not need you for a month or 2. Over the next few days we'll need you as much as possible and in around a months time again there will be a lot of work to be completed.

PM with offers, or post your questions.

This is mainly surrounding the fact we've setup 2 nameserver domains and have done a test transition that went fine, but our main site transition isn't going so smoothly and this is URGENT. Also a couple of script/program installations on the VPS need doing.