Hi people

I come here with some questions about DNS because I use BIND since some month now, and if that's work fine with some domain name, each time I need to do change, I have many many problems

So first, my "network" configuration :

I have some dedicated servers, the www1 one is the root and host websites, email server and DNS server.
www2, www3, www4, and other are hosting other services.

And finally I manage BIND by webmin.

So here is some questions ^^ :

  • CHMOD right does impact in the way of how work BIND ?
    I mean CHMOD right into my zone files, and /etc/bind folder
  • RNDC drive me crazy ><
    Each time I restart BIND (using webmin), and I try to "apply zone" (using webmin too), that's result me by this error =>
    Commande NDC impossible : rndc: 'reload' failed: bad owner name (check-names)
    And when I have this error, I must rewrite the zone with many information wiped, then I apply and that work, and so I rewrite again the zone with full informations and the apply finally work ...
  • I saw it was possible to include an external file to the zone file, so I tried by adding this line =>
    $INCLUDE "/home/BIND/zones/subzones/subzones.db"
    But I'm not sure that's fine, because that's don't worked really fine ... :/
    Perhaps I must put this line at the bottom of my zone file ? after the line
    "* IN A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" ? or doesn't matter ?
  • When I add a subdomain to my zone file, I must use a "dig" command to find something

So thanks for any help, since I'm far to understand all about how work BIND ^^'