Hello all!

I am new to the forums and wanted to jump right in with a question I have.

I have built many of DNS servers in my life. However, it has never really been out of the scope of replicating a few DCs between eachother.

The issue that I am now facing is, I have a customer that has 4 DC's that are DNS servers at 4 different sites. All of these sites have an MPLS between them for local access to all of the sites. At one of their sites they also have a citrix server. Now, they have recently installed a second ISP line and an Eccessa bandwidth splitter at the site with one of the DCs and the Citrix server. Ultimately, they would like to be able to route traffic from within the local LAN of the citrix server over the second broadband line. In order to do so they want to create an A Host record on the DNS server to rout and request to the citrix server out to the internet over the new line, but then the A Host will rteplicate to all fo the DNS servers within the domain; which they don't want. They only want the local lan of the citirx server to route out to the internet over the new broadband line.

I am just wondering, if all of the DNS servers are AD Integrated, how can I create an A Host record to point all of the local lan to the internet to hit the Citrix server, without replicating to every other DC?

Thank you to all that read through this!!