Hi, I am new to this forum.
I can honestly say I have no clue how to set up my own DNS.
I hope some kind souls here can help me. For the sake of learning, I proceed to set up my own DNS on my own web server (an older iMac-OSX 10.7.5). I already have a domain name from godaddy, let's call it xyz DOT com and I have a static ip from my ISP let's call it 12 DOT 34 DOT 56DOT 78. Now I followed this guide
amychr DOT wordpress DOT com/2008/05/15/quick-dns-setup-guide-for-leopard/
(even tho it was for an older version of OSX, it seems to work just fine on OSX 10.7.5). After created all necessary files, I used the dig command as it says in the guide, everything appears to work well. No error message.
When I ping my dns ns.xyz.com I got "cannot resolve ns.xyz.com: Unknown host". I know there is something, a step or two, missing, but I don't know exactly what nor how to toggle it. Is there something in the DS record I need to do? If so , how? Can someone help me understand this please?
Thank you for your time in advance.

Sorry for using the DOT, the forum mod doesn't allow me to use an URL