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    DNS propagation delay reduce

    We have hosted our website in a windows server 2008 r2 with Godaddy and as a disaster recovery plan we do have backup of all website data and database files.We also have backup server which is similar to our original server(The server has same configuration). In the backup server i do have all website files and database files as in original server so i can use it when required such as during server crash.
    My plan is to use the backup server and shift my domain from one server to another server if original server goes down. But shifting the domain requires DNS change, which requires almost 4-5 hours to take effect. So in case of any disaster i may require about 5 hours to shift domain to another server due to delay in DNS changes. So i want to know how can i change the DNS and make it to effect as soon as possible without any delay or in a least time.So can anyone come up with solutions for the delay caused by DNS changes to a domain.
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    So i want to know how can i change the DNS and make it to effect as soon as possible without any delay or in a least time.
    The simple answer is that you can't.

    You can reduce the TTL on your DNS records, but full propagation will still take a few hours regardless of your TTL setting.

    Before you have failover to a separate data center you should have fail over within your current data center - because you can do that almost transparently and instantly, and the chances of a single server outage are drastically greater than the chances of a whole data center outage. To do failover within a data center, you either need a load balancer or a special router configuration.

    Very large and well-connected companies can do failover by physically routing the same IP to a different data center, which is far faster and more transparent than changing the DNS records. Most of the companies that do this are large enough to own multiple data centers of their own though; it's not really feasible for anyone else.

    If you encounter a disaster significant enough to require you to failover to a different data center, a delay of a few hours is normally understandable.
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