Hello !

My name is GaŽl and I'm looking for some kind of help to configure my domains !

I have one server, mostly used for serving websites.

I have about 10 domain names pointing to this server, they all have their vhost, there is no problem with that.

Where I would need help is to have a clean DNS configuration !
My DNS entries are managed by my registrar (I don't need to have bind on my server then), which is bookmyname.com, you may know !

My server is srv1.domain.org and the primary domain name is domain.org

and then I have second.org, and some other domains.

How should I configure them to have the cleanest configuration ?

I wonder if I could do something like
zone domain.org
srv1 28800 A
srv1 28800 MX mx.server.one
srv1 28800 MX mx.server.two
@ 28800 CNAME srv1
* 28800 CNAME srv1
would this work like domain.org would point to, *.domain.org as well, and any mail sent to @domain.org or @*.domain.org would be sent to one of my two mail servers ?

That's the first point.

Then I try to know what I should do for my other domains.

Do I have to have an A record as well on every domain ? Or may I use CNAME instead, so if my IP changes, I don't have to change it on all my domains but only on domain.org.
something like :
@ 28800 CNAME srv1.domain.org.
* 28800 CNAME srv1.domain.org.
So then second.org would just be an alias for domain.org.
Unfortunately, this doesn't actually work. I got something like "A CNAME record can't co-exist with another record", yeah, it's actualy translated from french.

Does anyone know a good way for that kind of configuration ?

Thanks a lot !