I bought a new VPS and I need to move a website to that VPS. I want to test it before going live. I haven't installed nothing yet, just Apache.

Under Linux, the /etc/hosts file can be used to override dns definitions, i.e. to point an hostname to a different ip.

I added a line in the /etc/hosts file: URL (address blocked)

I flushed all caches and went to (URL address blocked) , but it still shows the old site.

I used ping to test the ip and it shows the new ip.

I used wget to retrieve the index.html file, but it retrieves the file from the old server.

I bypassed my router to check if itís something related with it, but it isn't.

I booted Windows 7 and edited the hosts file and saw the same behaviour, so it's not related to the OS.

If instead I add: forums.devshed.com devshed.com

I still see this website.

Why can't I point a hostname to a new IP ? Is there another way to do it?

Thanks for your help!