Attempting to properly set an "srv" record in my domain's DNS settings.

Here's some background, and what I'm trying to do:

Environment: Windows Server 2008

I'm running Alt-N's Mdaemon Mail Server.

I'm also running Apache2.2 as my web server.

Mdaemon's Webclient is listening on port 4777.

When a user goes to "" they can log into the web mail client.

I'm trying to create a DNS "srv" record that will allow a user to type "" , to access the web mail client.

Here's how my srv record looks:
Protocol: _tcp
Name: @
Priority: 0
Weight: 5
Port: 4777
TTL: 1 hour

FYI... I also have a CNAME record of:
Host: webmail
Points to:
TTL: 1 hour

When a user types "", it just takes them to the main site. What am I doing wrong?