1st off if I am in the wrong forum to gain help with DNS please forgive me.
Ok I will try to make this as clear as possible.

Recently we moved our Internal Website to an external hosting source Go Daddy.
Now we cannot access this site from any internal PC or Server.
However if I am outside of this network I can hit the new website just fine.
List of things I have done internally to troubleshoot this...
1: Our firewall guys looked at everything without any resolutions on the firewall side.
2: I added a WWW "Host A" file to the Zone under our Forward Lookup Zones
There are 2 Zones: One for "ourcompanyname.com" and one for "ourcompanyname.internal"
I added the Host A file to "ourcompanyname.com" zone
Previously this is where the internal website entry was located as well which was deleted prior to any other add's.
No Luck
3: I added a Forwarder to the DNS so that it would look outside as well to resolve the site.
No Luck
To Add: I can ping this website by name internally and it resolves.
I can do an NSLOOKUP internally on both name and IP Address and it resolves.
On my PC I did some testing.
If I added the Preferred DNS server as and I can get to this website with no problems but if I leave it as normal which points to both of our Internal DNS/AD servers we have I cannot.
I have cleared cache, restarted DNS on both servers until I am blue in the face.
The only way I can access our "now" external website is to use someone else's DNS servers.
I was going to delete the ".com" zone however it contains entries for our Oracle environment which BTW happens to also reference "ourcompanyname.com"
Sorry my mind is toast at this point so if you guys have any ideas please let me know.
In talking with others they stated this could be an issue with Split Zones. But they added that this is normally an issue if the names are the same for example "ourcomanyname.com" references a website and a domain name. In this case that is not 100% true.

Thank you very much