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    Same Content / Multiple domains


    I am not sure if this belongs here but I couldn't find another forum that seemed like a good match.

    I have a simple business management SaaS tool which is effectively being used by a number of companies in one very specific business market. I have adapted it so it now works with other types of businesses and configures itself to adapt to the specifics of those industries, depending on who is logging in from which business.

    The problem now is that the domain name is very specific to one industry and users from other industries may think "Why am I here" in spite of the fact that the content / functions that they see are consistent with their business.

    So, the question is: Is there a good way to have multiple domain names point to the same content but appear as though they are still in the original domain? I know I can do a redirect but that would switch the user to another domain name. I could also copy the code to the other domain but I don't want to maintain two sets of code.

    As an example: all of the code might be on industryA.com and people from industry A understand what that means. But Industry B is entirely different so I want users to login to industryB.com and see the exact code that resides on industryA.com but their url always stays at industryB.com.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    As long as it's the same code and not the same content then yeah, sure. It shouldn't be the same content, like literally it looks exactly the same, for one simple reason: why would industry A's content be the same as industry B's?

    Anyway, all you have to do is (1) configure the server to handle those domains you want in the same place, all as part of the same logical "site" (and what that is exactly depends on the server) and (b) set up the domains to go to that server, just like you did with the original domain.

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