While looking for an elegant and modern way to build a web administration interface for my C/C++ application, I have found this amazing,production ready, open-source project named PH7 which is an embeddable PHP engine developed by a startup called symisc systems. According to the authors website:

PH7 is a in-process library that implements a highly-efficient embeddable byte-code compiler and a virtual machine for the PHP programming language. That is,PH7 is a PHP engine that allow host-application to compile and execute PHP programs in-process. In other words,PH7 is to PHP what SQLite is to SQL.
PH7 implements most of the constructs introduced by the PHP 5.3 release such as heredoc, nowdoc, gotos, classes, anonymous functions, closures and so on and introduces very powerful extensions to the PHP programming language such as Function & Method Overloading,Full Type Hinting,comma expressions,...

I've spent three days reading their documentation,downloading some working examples and it's pretty clean and complete. The engine is available to download as a huge single C file (2MB)!!, compile unmodified without any warning (gcc -W -Wall -O6 ph7.c ph7_intro.c ).

Actually, I feel in love with this project and I think it will be the big Open-source project of the new year.

Here is the homepage of the project: ph7.symisc.net

Any one else have tried it?