Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to inform you that I really apreciate your consideration of response for embedded projects.

Recently I decided to study on microcontrollers and communication procedures of them.(includes UART,I2C,SPI Serial communication protocols)

In this case, I started to learn RS485 serial communication for embedded projects.Therefore I will improve my skills for both side(embedded programming and electronics)

So,I am trying to learn serial communication and configurations of microcontrollers.I started to one project which includes rs485 communication of two microprocontrollers.

In this project, I would like to send a string value from one microcontroller to another. I have made a project based on gps,gsm and arm microcontroller communication via USART 2 months ago.
So, I improved myself for arm microcontroller programming and the project works perfectly.

Bu this time, I would like add something new to this project and that will be consist of rs485 serial communication.In this situation I would like to create a basic microcontroller circuit that will send a data(string value) over rs485 serial communication.

The project implementation and duty is;

This new microcontroller circuit will send integer value to my gps,arm microcontroller based project for authentication.
So, It means that; If we make a communication between these microcontrollers, my new microcontroller based circuit will send a data to old arm microcontroller and then arm microcontroller will get this data from new microcontroller and process related data inside.

Thus,I should choose a microcontroller which is capable to send single data via RS485 transciever to arm.So, This microcontroller should include Uart pin configuration and it should be available on the pins.The controller should be cheaper and easy to manage and integrate registers,timers,interrupts ..etc.

Could you please suggest me, what type of controller may i use to send single data via RS485 transciever?

What should I consider to choose this microcontroller?

Which model is apropriate (Coul you please inform exact model and it should be cheaper).

Also configuration of this microcontroller should be easy in the case of RS485 communications(registers,interrupts for rx,tx, sleep mode configuration ...etc)

Will it be appropriate sample codes on the internet for a given model?

Thank you in advance.