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How to communicate JTAG with FPGA board through PYTHON. I am searching for JTAG library for PYTHON. Please anyone guide me. ]]>
Python Programming Saras
<![CDATA[[Python] Large 3D Build Software, my Problems!]]> Thu, 31 May 2018 09:17:12 GMT Hey Python Programmers...

My problem is thad the real time 3d thirth party packages like pyOpenGL and Direct3D for
python aren't very fast in 3d graphics preformence... Now i though to build 3d-graphics from
scratch with called pygame, but before i go further with learn python, i want to learn basic
programming into 'Pure Basic [PB]' to introduce programming principes and practical base
knowledge... but this is not my question for this topic.

My question is whats the best way to build large 3d-applications in python... i through to use
large fake 3d techniques and build as example an 3d ray-tracer from scratsh, using pygame,
but i don't realy know if it works for create fast, efficient and large 3d-applications in python,
with fake 3d techniques in pygame...

It is thad python get al ready packages for called sciensifical programming like plot, scipy,
chempy, pyBrain, biopython and other handy packages to build sciensific tools for our
applications... in C++, i think i must write all these sciensifical functions from scratch, just
python is an handy languale to build sciensifical tools and features into applications, but
i am intressed in called naturesciense and build large 3d sciensifical applications for create
large 3d worlds, they are richted on nature sciensifical simulations...

Just python is an ideal languale to write sciensifical featural applications, but my problem is
thad the thirth party packages sush like pyOpenGL and Direct3D are too slow for my wishes...
So how can i fix this problem yet?, must i use an DLL (CLib) to controu my wishes or must i build
an 3d-ray tracer from scratsh with called pygame?...


But my question is at follow:

* Is fake 3d the just technique i must be use for create fast and efficient applications in python,
called for build large 3d-worlds?

* Or must i use an clib (reather an dynamic link library) for create fast and efficient 3d-applications
in python?...(maby if i get learned 'Pure Basic' i can use C++ for create DLL's if need)

They are the questions i get about large 3d application tricks in python, thanks for helping
to know whats the best option yet, Jamie. ]]>
Python Programming JamieVanCadsand