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    DB grows extreme

    Hello i am using Firebird 3.0
    My Database is about 3MB big.

    Every 5 seconds i update BLOB Field in one Table (The Blob size is between 10-100kB, and 20 records)
    And Every 5 seconds i write into a ring storage (i am storing the latest 1440 Values).
    These are done with updates, after written 1440 Values i restart with the index 1.

    Therefore no INSERT or DELTED ... i thought the database size should realy change.
    But yesterday i had a problem because the DB was about 3GB big!
    Now after 2 hours the Database is grown to 300MB. After Backup and restore the size shrinks to the original size.

    What is the problem? And how can i solve it?
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    Perhaps tune your automatic GC sweeping?
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    Firebird works with records' version because of the transactions. Every action you do creates new version of the record. So if you update 1000 times one record in 1 table, you'll have 1000 records of it, every one visible in its transaction, not 1. When all transactions commit, you will have 1 record in one table, with 1000 old records(garbage) invisible for the new transactions That's why the database grows. This, with combination with BLOB fields, which take much space you have your result. When you perform backup restore - the garbage is removed and you have one table with only 1 record with only 1 version of it.

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