Hi I am trying to run this command:

fbexport -Sc -B TAB -H localhost -D var/local/baza/ALTAX.gdb -U sysdba -P FireAlt7a -F "/var/local/shared/FB/FACTS.txt" -Q "select FIRST 1 * from xxxasz_f_facts ('09.04.2010','09.04.2010')"

and it hangs after trying to export to CSV:

Checking database charset...WIN1250.
Connecting to: 'localhost' as 'sysdba'...Connected.
Creating and starting transaction...Done.
Create statement...Done.
Prepare statement...Done.
Exec statement...Done.
Exporting data in CSV format...

PLEASE HELP ME because I don't know how to resolve this.. Other select statements are ok for example Select * from ADRESS or simillar.