im developping a c# client only application using
sharpDevelop + FirebirdNETProvider1.6 + Firebird 1.5.1

In my developper machine my project works well
My question is:
To distribuite my works what i have to include in my final setup?

Three different question:

1- For C#: .net framework 1.1 (im sure of this)

2- For firebird 1.5.1:
in the istallation i can choose client only setup.
Is the same if i copy FBCLIENT.DLL and GDS32.DLL in c:\WINDOWS\system32\ client machine? Or i need something else?

3- For FirebirdNETProvider1.6 i have to install it on client machine or can i copy only some dll on c:\WINDOWS\system32\ client machine? Or, again, it is not necessary for client?

Thanks for this answer
and sorry for not good english