My application details :
App server : tomcat 5.0.28
Database : firebird 2.1.3
database connector : jaybird 2.1.6
Jre : 1.6.0_11 (build 1.6.0_11-b03)
I have set URIEncoding="UTF-8" setting in the <Connector> tag of server.xml

I send a korean character string as a request param, store it in database and retrieve it.

When I start tomcat from command prompt, everything works fine (uses the Administrator user profile), the database could store it and retrieve it.

The problem occurs when I start the server as windows service (uses LocalService user profile), the database could neither store it nor retrieve it.

Windows service starts the wrapper (wrapper -s wrapper.conf) and the wrapper starts the server. When I start the wrapper without the service, it works fine. So wrapper should not be the problem.

I need to know where to set the encoding stuff to make the app work with other language characters even if it starts as windows service.

Please tell me if i am missing to provide any required details in the post, I will provide.

Thanks in advance.