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    Thumbs up net-provider Developement status report

    From: Carlos Guzman Alvarez [ED: i'm impressed by the mono part :-) ]

    First of all i want to suggest to all people that is using 1.5 version
    to upgrade to the latest version using CVS sources, i'm thinking in
    release next version soon, but until it's released it's better to be
    working with the latest version from CVS.


    1. Information about the Firebird Data Provider at mono:: project web
    site has been update, you can see it here:


    2. Named parameters. I have made some little tests of named parameters
    feature with mono 0.28 on linux and seems to be working now, for more
    information you can see this:


    3- Linux makefile. I have made some changes to the linux makefile for
    make the build of the NUnit test suite.

    4. Exception formatting. Exceptions will be correct formatted in mono.


    1. Build system. I have make some rework to the nant build files, now
    versions for MS .NET 1.0, MS .NET 1.1 and mono will be built at the same
    time with the same nant script.

    2. Implicit transaction support. I have made a change to the implicit
    transaction support for make that commands without a transaction
    (explicit) can't be executed when the command connection have a active
    transaction that is not updated ( committed or roll backed ).

    3. Firebird services implementation. A minor fix has been added to the
    FbService class for make the attachment in the same way as in old 1.1

    4. Firebird Events implementation. A minor change has been added to the
    synchronization code.

    5. Blob and array fields. Now it's possible to retrieve the value of
    blob and array fields as result of FbCommand.ExecuteScalar method, and
    as result of output parameters of stored procedure execution, for this i
    have added a new class to the GDS implementation called GdsValue.cs.

    6. Design time support. Design time support for FbParameterCollection
    has been improved, for this there are two new classes:



    Toolbox images now have transparent background.

    ( Thanks to Luciano Passuello for his feedback on this issue )

    7. Cursor name property. FbCommand.CursorName property has been removed.

    8. Command builder. Update and delete commands are now generated in
    different way ( similar to SqlClient and OleDb providers )

    More here
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