Hello All,

I am quite new to Firebird but am really enjoying it. I am working on a project using Firebird 2.0 databases, from which I am populating SQLDataSource controls in various aspx web forms. I want to populate one of the data sources by calling a stored procedure. I have verified that the procedure is returning data in EMS SQL Manager for Interbase and Firebird. However, when I set the SQLDataSource's SelectCommand property to "EXECUTE PROCEDURE myProc" and call Select(), I am getting no data. My procedure takes no input parameters so it seems to me that it should be straight-forward. The reality of the situation is that I could use a simple SELECT statement if I were able to move to even 2.1 as I would have access to the List() aggregate function, but that is not a possibility. Does anyone have any experience trying to do this? Does the procedure call need to be modified in any way? Any help would be greatly appreciated.