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    Flash Detection

    Is there a way I can detect the version of Flash a user has using PHP or is it javascript or any language?
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    you can. and you can not. it depends on the browser and the userīs settings. has a script for that, but i found better ones on the web.
    they work like this:
    - check browser AND OS (eg. on IE/MacOS there is no VBScript! and for MacOS, Netscape and Flash<=5 the FSCommand interface does not work - and so on)
    -- IE/Windows: create object using vbscript, if it fails there is no flash
    -- IE/Mac - output the flash tags with auto-download option.
    -- NS: check the navigator.plugins array for occurences of "flash"
    -- if none of these succeeds, output a 1x1 flash movie that only forwards the user to another page (the entry to the pages with flash) and use <meta refresh> to load the non-flash page after some seconds.

    you can see, if javascript is disabled, you cannot detect flash. the only reliable way is to let the user choose...
    this is why i donīt use flash for web-pages but only decoration and nice menus
    (you can supply <noscript> and <noembed> tags to display another menu instead if there is no flash, but i donīt consider this "plugin detection")

    and the same deal with MF QuickTime!

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