Hello all. I posted a help thread in the CSS forum, but I am also needing help with flash.

First off, I'm very new to flash, but have had some experience with HTML, so I'm not totally clueless.

To start off, I am trying to create an intranet IT support page for the company I work for. It will list general info like printer drivers, software install files, contact information, etc. So it isn't a commercial site. (Note: After I couldn't get this site to work for me, thats when I started working on a CSS site)

I searched the internet for free flash templates, and found one that I liked at flashmo.com. I can't post a link but it is the flashmo_250_red_box listed on page 2 on flashmo.

I have Adobe CS6, and I have been able to do a few things to the template. I can change the header logo, and some of the footer information.

The biggest thing I need help is with changing the text in the menu buttons. The only place I can find the words that are on the buttons are in the .swf file. When I use a decompiler, I find that it is in the content_2.as file. I have all the files extracted, but don't really know how to build it as a swf again.

The second thing I have an issue with, is for example on Page 1, I would like it to list a table. I can create HTML tables all day long, but for whatever reason I cannot create tables for this website. How can I accomplish that?

Thanks in advance for your help.