This seems like it would be a pretty trivial piece of flash, but I'm not a flash expert at all. Essentially, what I'd like to create is a flash ticker that would scroll news headlines from an XML file that I create on the server (format can be anything easy). The ticker would need to refresh itself every so many minutes (set in the XML File) and the text scrolling on the ticker should be links to the particular pages.

Now that the background is out of the way, a few questions:
1. Is this possible to do in flash? (I'm using MX)
2. Is it going to be complicated to implement
3. Does anyone know about existing projects that could be modified to do this.

Finally, if anyone knows of any good tutorials for Flash MX or this sort of thing (or just wants to do it for me?) I'd love to hear about them.


PS: I know tihs would be easier in other languages (like java, etc...) and I plan to have tickers implemented in those other languages as well.