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    Flash Resources

    The old Flash Resources thread dealt primarily with ActionScript 2 and I think it's about time we had a thread dedicated purely to ActionScript 3. I'll start the ball rolling ^_^


    ActionScript 3 Migration - Moving from ActionScript 2

    • TweenMax - With ActionScript 2 I always used MC Tween however in my experience with AS3 nothing beats TweenMax and its companion libraries. There's a speed test on the site comparing it to the other Tween libraries so you can see for yourself.
    • TweenMax ActionScript 3 LiveDocs - Programming reference for TweenMax.

    • Adobe Air - This is a free wrapper provided by Adobe. It allows you to call additional ActionScript classes to do things that are beyond Flashes default scope such as interact with the file system and other applications. For another person to run your Air application they must first download and install the Adobe Air runtime. This is one of the main issues people have with Air since some companies security policies prevent their system users from installing new applications.
    • MDM Zinc - This is an expensive alternative to the free Adobe Air application. It allows you to create executables for Windows, Mac and Linux. As with Adobe Air it also provides access to additional ActionScript classes to allow Flash interactions with the operating system. The main difference between Air and Zinc is that Zinc gives you an exe for your clients to run meaning they don't have to install any additional applications, Air on the other does.
    • MDM Zinc ActionScript 3 LiveDocs - Programming reference for Zinc.

    Flash Optimisation
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    Adobe Flash Evangelist Lee Brimelow has a great collection of tutorials over at goToAndLearn and is always adding new ones. Often they relate to bleeding edge Flash technology.

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