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    Flash and PHP Question

    I have a question, can you only load up text or a image into a flash movie?

    I am trying to load up a news.php file into my flash movie, i can load up text from a text file fine, or even a image, but when i try loading up the php file it just leaves it blank. Basicly i am trying to load the whole php file.
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    I'm not a flash expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have worked with flash guys in the past to make their stuff dynamic so I know a little about this.

    With Flash MX you can dynamically load images or mp3 files. Before that you could load text files, or fill in variables dynamically.

    If you were to load a PHP file into Flash, I think all it would do is display the PHP code, which probably isn't what you want. Without knowing what you're trying to display or what the PHP does, I'd think that what you probably want to do is pass a variable (or two, or three...) to Flash and display the contents. You could display quite a lot of text that way, which is what I suspect you're trying to do.

    Search for threads that talk about dynamically loading variables.

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    yah i agree with WDN2000, try outputting your PHP to something flash can understand.

    also i found this tutorial at macromedia to be SUPER!


    look under
    "Write ActionScript to gather and submit the form data"

    It is definately worth printing out

    This is for Flash MX only ... its a cool way to pass info to and fro server side language. Pass only required values back to flash.

    In flash setup approapriate flags to catch the reply.

    Hope this helps.

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