Hey, hello...

Im a graphic design student but I'm currently working part time, I'm still not proficient in flash but someone asked me to edit a flash template, so I thought that edit the text and some images would be a piace of cake...

I have this little problem:

The template has a sample text that I doesn't disappears completely, I don't know how to get rid of it...
I edited the frames but the original text is still appearing for a second between the transitions/animations of the different pages of the site, then MY text (in spanish) appears...

I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

The main elements in the template are:
main content - sprite 475 (here's the text)
sidebar - sprite 644
pop ups - sprite 41
logo - sprite 245

you can see a small video about the issue here

here's the .zip with all the files
Please Help

Sorry if my n00bness bothers you :/


UPDATE 12/10/2010

Hey thanks for all the people who read this, I'm glad cus I already solved the issue, there was this sprite 682 that I had to edit...

dunno if moderators want to close or delete this