Recently - at April 12, 2011 - we announced public beta version of CodeDrive - new ActionScript 3 IDE for Visual Studio - and offers you to try it in your Flash development. We need your feedback very much - both positive and negative.

Though CodeDrive is based on Visual Studio 2010 platform, you can use it without Visual Studio installed.

Why you should try CodeDrive?

  • New ActionScript 3 IDEs appear not so often
  • (!)Own fast compiler with full support of ActionScript 3
    The results of benchmarking our ActionScript 3 compiler has shown up to 2-3 times increase in project compilation speed in most cases, comparing to Adobe Flex SDK 3 and 4 compilers.
  • Intelligent Code Assistance
  • Full Syntax Error-Highlighting
  • Flashlog Viewer
  • Resource Management

See more features on CodeDrive site

Again. We will appreciate your feedback greatly. It will helps to make our product better and more appropriate for ActionScript 3 developers. Please feel free to post any questions and issues, related with CodeDrive, here