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    Real time date and time tween.

    I'm working on creating a new look for my portfolio and had a concept.

    I would like have one movie clip tween in real time 365 frame increments, while another moves in real time minute or second increments.
    Along with this, I would like to be able to override the passage of time by scrolling an associated scrollbar.
    The two tweens would be independent of one

    I have an image to help illustrate this idea, but since I'm a first time poster, no hyperlinks.

    Is this at all possible? because it would be wonderful if it was.
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    Tweens work at the speed of the fps set on the timeline. If you need something to last 1 second and your timeline is set to 30fps, set your tween to 1 second and it will last 30 frames.

    If your scrollbar tween "overrides" the other tween, they really aren't independent. They can operate independently, but when the scrollbar is used, will you need to stop, pause or reset the other?

    Also, I never use the built-in tweener. Adobe's tween engine, quite frankly, blows chunks. Try TweenLite/TweenMax. These have such incredible power and ease of use, you should be able to accomplish whatever you want.
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