Hey guys, I just tried to post this but something bugged out and it didn't work so I guess I will just rewrite it

Ok so I am new to Flash (about a week into the learning curve) and I don't know how to go further into the project I was given at work then I have done already. Here is the project:

Create a Flash presentation that a user (on a browser) could press a button and navigate througg scrolling objects. Upon hovering over the object information will pop up in a info bubble. Also upon hovering over an object, the table and gauge to the side will also change in proportion to the object hovered over.

Here is what I have done so far and what I can't figure out:
-Anchored background - done
-Objects slide across the screen (no interaction) -done
-User able to control the sliding objects (through arrows/keyboard events) - not done
-Table/guage changes on the hovering over of the object - not done
-Information pops up on the hovering over of an object - not done

As you can see I am pretty nooby when it comes to Flash. If anyone is interested in helping me out in this I would be very grateful! Please respond to this and I will send and I'll send you the file I have so far so you have a better understanding of what I was talking about above. Let me know! Thanks!