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    Google doesn't read the flash text in my flash website.

    This is because I use movie clips within other movie clips.

    I wondered if anyone knew a workaround or trick that I could use to get text into google. I have a couple ideas but they're just ideas.

    I would like to create an alternate page that is not flash, but a regular html page with all of the text I want google to read inside it. Somehow I use code to tell it that when a user clicks on the link, to redirect them to the flash webpage, but when a search engine sees it, to send the search engine/google to that regular html page, where it will gather all of the text and then that text will show up on google's page when you do a search and my site on google? Even if this was possible, would google frown upon this and ban me or something?

    The other idea I have is to use invisible text at the bottom of my page. This will be regular html text that is the same color as my background. But I heard this can get you banned from search engines like google if you are using lots of keywords, but I wouldn't be using keywords. I'd be using the few sentences of content that their stupid crappy technology doesn't read, forcing me to bust my hump trying to find a workaround for. It sucks that google doesn't even use keywords in my metadata for rankings either. So I can't even use that with them.

    Anyone got some ideas/info?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, if you use a method to embed your SWF files like swfobject2 then you can include alternative content in the same div tag i.e.
    <div id="myContent">
       <p>Alternative content</p>
    So you would set myContent to be the div that swfobject replaces with your SWF file but the alternative content is still there, it is just hidden. If you do "View Source" on the page you can still see it. I'm not sure how well this works with search engines but it's one easy way to put your non Flash content into the proper place in the page. If the user doesn't have Flash installed or has Javascript disabled then they will see the alternative content directly.
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