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    Flash Developers - What are you going to do if Flash is no more : (

    Curious to hear what people are doing in preparation if Flash is not needed anymore or there is not enough work or need for it?

    I am getting the feeling that it may be the end for Flash and I have been learning Wordpress, HTML5 and CSS3 in preparation to shift my skills to.

    What are most Flash Developers doing or what direction should a Flash Developer go to, just incase?
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    It is not the end of Flash and people that say that have no idea what they are talking about. Flash has many uses that are easily accessible to the masses both when producing and simply using it. They are constantly improving it and finding ways to make it work better on different devices. The new hardware supported 3D means it will be a leader in browser/mobile gaming for along time. A lot of things have been hidden behind other branding as well, think Adobe Air or Flex.

    You should of been learning other systems anyway as they would of complimented your Flash work all along and saved you from many headaches. People that limit themselves by calling their job "Flash Development" may be facing trouble since the general perception of Flash has shifted slightly. It's better to go with something more general like "Interactive Developer". All the teams I manage did a similar thing over a year ago when they got annoyed at people always referring to them as Flash developers when in reality they handled all the After Effects, Premier and loads of the static design stuff.
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