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    Post Actionscript 2.0 vs Actionscript 3.0

    Hello Friends,

    I had outsource some e-learning projects last month. My requirement is to work with the latest technology, so I want that he(freelancer) should use AS 3.0(only because its latest) but he sent me the following email:
    "The development time with Actionscript 3.0 is significantly more than Actionscript 2.0 Most customers are unwilling to wait for additional delays in development of content due to using Action Script 3.0. There are very few benefits of using Action Script 3.0 but the cost of adoption and delays caused in marketing of new products has made Action Script 3.0 a little unpopular. In fact, the technology forecast as on today is not good for Adobe Products that includes Flash.

    Fast development companies in eLearning like N***T, *****te, Ed**m*, ****o*n, etc develop content in Action Script 2.0 only. Yes, even today. They too have evaluated Action Script 3.0 and have not adopted it. We all know that they are market leaders in pushing new products into the market quickly. I also develops content for these companies.

    It takes too much of time for maintenance, in case any customer wants to make modifications at a later stage.
    AS3 is good for complex Flex applications and not so much for Flash applications.
    It takes more time to develop in AS3 due to Strict Mode / Warnings etc.
    With you requiring many courses to be developed, unnecessary delays and increase in costs are not good. In addition, we have completed a large portion of programming for this project already, as we have communicated earlier.

    It is therefore suggested that with speed of development in mind, Action Script 2.0 be used. We will be happy to explain this further if needed.

    Now I am confused that everybody on this forums appreciated AS 3.0 over the AS 2.0 but he suggested me something different.

    So, please help me to choose AS 2.0 or 3.0 and also tell me that is he says right? if yes then to what extent. Thanks in Advance.

    Harvarinder Singh.
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    Absolute junk. AS3 is much better than AS2. I've used ActionScript since its first incarnation and have seen how it has progressed over the years. Instead of me spewing a list of reasons why AS3 is better/different than AS2 you could just google "AS3 vs AS2" and read some of the results. There's nothing wrong with doing things in AS2 but it is outdated and AS3 offers several more features and expanded functionality over AS2.

    The fact that they say "In addition, we have completed a large portion of programming for this project already" indicates that they have already done a "large portion" of the project in AS2 and simply can't be bothered properly forward-porting it to AS3. So in that case they would be correct in that it would take longer since they would then have to spend the time porting their code from AS2 to AS3. Really, they should of just done it in 3 from the beginning.

    Personally, I wouldn't use them again based purely on that one email.
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