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    How can I reduce the number of Png frames?

    Hey, to start off, I'm using Flash 5.5 and an ActionScript 3.0 document. I'm just having trouble making an animation. I have parts of the animation where the frames were rendered in another program (Blender) and then imported into flash. There are around 700ish individual png images that I imported as a sequence.

    My problem is that each frame is its own graphic in the library. As I've worked along, Flash started to slow down and I finally got the message while trying to add another keyframe: "There is not enough memory to complete this operation. To increase memory, close open documents and or quit and allow more virtual memory to Flash." I already have a lot of memory for Flash though.

    I deleted some frames in the library to test, and when I did, my computer memory usage went down.

    ---------- So my overall question is: Is there a way to get rid of some of the frames in the library to free up memory without deleting the frames from my project?
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    The library is just a graphical representation of the assets in your project. The problem isn't with the library, it is that you have too many large PNG files in your project. You would be better of exporting the data as a video file from blender instead of seperate PNG images. I haven't used Blender since once of its very early versions but if it now supports FLV or F4V then try one of those formats which are both native to Flash. Otherwise export to AVI and then use the Flash Video Encoder to convert it to an FLV/F4V. There is a built in video player for Flash that will then load the video file. You can skin it using one of the built in skins including one that has no visual controls. Alternatively you can skip the component and load the video directly yourself. The route you take really depends on what you want to do. Using long PNG image sequences it just going to give you headaches.
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