I'm working with a developer that I like who seems competent, but who seems to have made questionable decisions. Since it's a fixed price contract, I'm not concerned that she's been padding the bill or trying to treat me unfairly.

The app is a mobile and tablet game.

1. It has a considerable amount of graphic elements that I provided as .AIs and .SVGs. She converted all of them to FXGs.
a. Are FXGs preferable?
b. I tried to have her provide instructions for proper FXG export so the graphic contractor could provide them, but she insisted on doing them herself. Does that make sense?

2. Because of all of the potential device sizes, the app has to be designed to scale well. At first she started out with many device profiles with different scaling characteristics that made it hard to properly control font size since this approach relied on DPI. She eventually switched to one profile that depends on screen size and eliminated all of the issues. I expected that approach from the beginning. She claims that she was only able to make the change after updating to the latest stable release of AIR. Is that true?

Thanks for all feedback.