I'm making this game in Flash CS6 and need some help figuring something out. The game is a basic beach scene with 6 words at the top, each missing a letter. In the game, a kid clicks somewhere in the sand and a 'hole' appears, revealing one of the missing letters, that can be dragged and dropped up to it's appropriate place. It was all working great by doing this:
1. All holes are added in different layers on the 1st frame.
2. When one of the holes instances is clicked on, it goes to a frame on the timeline where the hole is set to alpha 100% (all are at 0% in frame 1) and the letter is added. The play stops on that frame after the reveal.

This is great if they clicked them in the order I added them - for instance:
1. 'c' is added in frame 3
2. 'o' in 4
3. 'a' in 5
and so-on. However, if you clicked 'a' first, sending you to frame 5 and then stopping, it makes the other 'holes' unavailable to click because their frames end after their reveal frame. (c's hole reveal is in 3, then their are no more frames for that hole after 3 because if you clicked 'o' in 4 first, I didn't want 'c' in 3 to be showing.)

If they click 'a' in frame 5 first, I can't send them back to 1 to get 'c' and 'o' in previous frames because then 'a' will be reset to still be clickable in '5' too.

Confused yet? Can anyone help me think how to make this work? I am really, really new at this! (This is my very first game.) Thanks!