I am currently seeking a software developer to assist me in creating a multi-touch city guide application to work in conjunction with my multi-touch table for large scale resale. My company develops touch hardware and we are looking to expand into software development for the units.

Currently we have a plan for a city guide application that we will help create and later market to the tourism sectors of small caribbean governments and hotels, tour companies, airports etc. Once we have an alpha or beta application to propose, It can be something very simple, we would have what we need to go and spin the software and get pre sales on the software and hardware. The tourism sectors of small caribbean countires like the bahamas spend millions and millions of dollars on new ways to attract, inform and entertain tourists, this I believe is one such way that could be very lucrative for both parties. Not to mention the endless advertising opportunities to be had.

In exchange for creation of the alpha software we are willing to work profit sharing, royalties etc etc. Once the software sells then they will be locked into using our hardware for their larger units, pricing and profit from software can be worked out in the programmer's favor should he deciede to join.

Video of our Multi-touch hardware: http://vimeo.com/user13677228

If anyone there is interested please feel free to contact me
email: jutinker@hotmail.com
skype: julius.tinker