Greetings all.

I am tring to get my head around Action Script 3. I am writing a small Flash game for my wifes education website. I have it working in Action Script 2.0, but i like OOP approach AS3, and am tring to rewrite it. I am using FlashDevelop to write the AS, and am trying to follow the limited instructions I have. I am starting simple to learn the basics. In the flash file I have a welcome screen as the first scene. On that screen I have a welcome line that will display a users name, welcoming them. The welcome line was created using dynamic text, and converted to a symbol. It is my understating that symols are required to work with anything in AS3. The symbol is called welcomeLine.

My question is: Will I need to create a class for welcomeLine in order to use it?
Sorry for the newbe question, like I said I am trying to get my head around this.