I have a custom class that post result from a Flash file to my website the in turns posts the data to a database. I create the string to post data to the website, I then use php to do the actual posting of the data. The problem I am having is the URL I pass to navigateToUrl does not take me to correct URL. The page displayed is the same page the Flash file is displayed on. However when I test to Flash program from the Flash IDE is goes to the right URL. I have a trace statement right before the navigateToUrl command, and It shows me the correct address but the address in the address bar of the browser is completely different.

The code for creating the url is below:
		public function submitScore(sid:int, rid:int, lid:int, cscore:int, pScore:int):void {
			var postScore:URLRequest;
			var postAddress:String
			var postData:String = sid + "/" + rid + "/" + lid + "/" + cscore;
			if (pScore == 0) {			
				postAddress = configFile[WEBSITE] + configFile[SUBMIT] + postData;
			} else {
				postAddress = configFile[WEBSITE] + configFile[UPDATE] + postData;
			trace("Post Address: " + postAddress);
			postScore = new URLRequest(postAddress);
The value for configFile[WEBSITE] and configFile[UPDATE] are read form a config file and have the values of hrrp://mrsmarker.com and scores/update respectfully.
The value of postScore is http://mrsmarker.com/scores/update/1/4/1/20 (the numbers vary, and are not important at this time.)
The URL in the address line of the browser is: http://mrsmarker.com/students/viewTest/1/%3C!DOCTYPE%20HTML%3E/%3Chead%3E/1/4/1/20.
It appears the some html is injected into the postScore value, but I am not sure where it is coming from. Thanks for help, Troy.