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    Can HTML/Script read and interpret text displayed in Flash frame???

    Hi guys, in advanced thanks for any and all help on this one, it's got me beating my head against the wall!

    Here is what I am trying to do:
    I want to embed a .swf file on a page. The .swf file is a quiz that the user will take and at the end of the quiz there is logic in the .swf file that will tell the user whether they passed or failed. I want to add a numeric code (much like a bar-code) to that pop-up that my page can read that it can then send to my database server and store whether the user passed or failed.

    The need for this is for a few reasons. First, the user signs into the site with credentials so by being able to have script in the html read the .swf text code it can then assign the pass/fail to an actual user in the database. If I were to try to have the flash assign the pass/fail it has no logical way to attach that to the currently signed in user.

    Second, even if I knew how to get the .swf file to talk to my servers and attach a user (possibly through cookies) to the pass/fail I make these .swf quizzes with a 3rd party software and thus have no means to actually access and change anything in the .swf because I have no means to access the source code, everything is packaged by the 3rd party program. I do however have enough latitude to have the program display whatever text I want given a pass/fail by the user. So for instance the program can say "Please wait while we submit your grade: 1110110000111101000111" where the numeral string can be read by script and converted into a pass or fail event and sent to the database.

    I would be happy to give more information if needed, I really appreciate all the help guys! You're the best
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    Why not...have the flash send that signal? Flash can communicate with your server just fine. In fact, that should be how you're populating the questions and answers.

    The flash message packets would have the user's session cookie in them as well.
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