I am running CS5.5 on a Win7 64 bit computer with 6G of memory. My problem started today when after being kicked out of Flash (again ). When I attempted to reopen my FLA, I received the message "Could not load scene into memory...". I did a bit of research and realized that the last couple of PSD files I imported must have an issue.

I could reopen the FLA and view all the assets in my library (PSDs, FLVs, FXGs, etc.), however, my scenes window was empty except for the default Scene 7 that Flash created for me when opening the file.

I have (had) 5 scenes completed and was working on the sixth when the problem(s) started. I have tried many different 'solutions' I have found on the net attempting to get my scenes back without any success. Does anyone know a solution to recover my missing scenes? This presentation is for a large company coming in on Thursday morning. I have been working on this for two weeks. I am ready to cry and throw-up all at the same time if I can't figure something out.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.