By the request from Dev Hardware forums members we decide to introduce folding hack to all our forums. This folding hack promote the Stanford project of Folding at Home, 'Folding at Home' is a distributed computing project which analyzes effect of protein related abnormalities on cancer.
All the folders agree that we need some extra way of publicizing the great things you can do with your spare CPU cycles. We also think it s time people are acknowledged for their efforts.

We created a new custom field in User CP, you will see a new input box under Miscellaneous Options. Go to USER CP, select Edit Options on left navigation, Scroll down page to the Miscellaneous Options section. All the Dev Folding members have to enter their 6 digit folding number over there. Please make sure to enter correct number. In order to collect users Folding points from our automated system you have to enter your folding number over there. Please pass this message among all the Dev Folding members, We want all Dev Folding members to update this as soon as possible.

To know more about Folding at Home please read this FAQ thread

If you are having trouble finding your folding number please read this thread. There are lots of posts related to how to find your folding number

Folding levels
0 20,000 :: Novice Folder
20,001 40,000 :: Starter Folder
40,001 60,000 :: Beginner Folder
60,001 80,000 :: Intermediate Folder
80,001 100,000 :: Advanced Folder

After 100,000 new gold color blob will display

100,001 500,000 :: Super Ultimate Folder - Level 1
500,001 1,000,000 :: Super Ultimate Folder - Level 2
1,000,001 1,500,000 :: Super Ultimate Folder - Level 3

after every 500,000, level number will start to increase.