Reputation Expiration Hack
As to old reputation system once you give reputation to someone you cannot give reputation to the same person until you give 10 more reputation to other members. We added a new hack to expire given reputation after 15 days. This will greatly helpful to those members who use reputation rarely. They will allow giving reputation to same person after 15 days without giving 10 reputations to other members.

Spell Check
This spell check allows members to check spelling before they post. It will tell you what you did wrong and gives choices of right spelling.

New VB Codes
Added two new VB Code to quickly link Perl documents and Member public profile.

perldoc Tag – [ perldoc=print ]Search PRINT in[ /perldoc ]
Search PRINT in

member Tag – [member ]member_name[/member ]

Changed the way reputation given
We changed the reputation pop up window by removing default Agree radio button. Now members have to select their option Agree or Disagree. If member post his comments without selecting any those option pop up warning message will popup.

PM and New members
There were several reports about abuse using PM. Most of those abuses from new members asking personal help from those seen to be knowledgeable in a particular forum to outright spamming. We introduce a new hack imposing a lower post limit for use of PM. Now minimum of 10 posts required to send PMs.

Enhancements to speed up our forums
A. We added some additional indexes on some of the larger columns in our databases. This also caused a nice speed jump, since standard queries and sorting by these columns is now indexed. Its actually AMAZING that some of these columns weren’t indexed already by the vbulletin folks.

B. We added HTML code compression system to our forums. For the most part, you will only see spaces removed from your html. The largest part of the improvement, though, is in our back-end. The templates are actually stored in a compressed format now, which means when we request the templates from our database servers, it takes less bandwidth to deliver them to the web servers. Which means vbulletin actually renders the pages quicker. That, and we DO actually get an additional speed bump by serving less html.