Hello, My Team is #DWS, we consist of experienced players, who play daily to improve. We have members who played in CAL-IM and OPEN, and BOE-OPEN. We need a FREE 500fps CENT 11 Slot server.

We will advertise to other teams that we scrim and others, by putting it on the map, and the server info screen. On Forums, we will use it as our signature. We will put #(your company), after our names. We will have advertisements to your link, on our ventrilo.

Server name : DWS Scrim Server
Features: Full Admin
Slots: 11
Location : Central USA
Bosted: Yes, if you can, No, it's okay

Our team consists of 6 people,

Leader: Josh "Gameface" Scott
-Cal-IM 2 seasons
-CAL-O 3 season

Sagar "Phoenix" Arenja
-3 year CSS player
-Does Open/IM Scrims

Ather "Snowman" Qureshi
-2 year CSS player
-Does Open/IM scrims

Joe "Goofy" Mitchell
-3 CSS player
-CAL-O One Season
-Does Open/IM scrims

Jaston "byebye"
-CAL-O 1 season
-2 year CSS player
-Does Open/im scrims

Zachary "Goose" Goncher
-CAL-O 1 season
-2 year CSS play
-Does Open/Im scrims

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we are a great team, we work together, memorize strats and maps. We are used to competition and you will not regret it.

You can contact me at:

steamid: darkninja008
pm me or reply on this forum.