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-------------------- provides ad free guild hosting tools that will help you keep your guild, clan, or fellowship running smoothly. With easy to use administration tools and dynamic widgets it's easy to create a website that your members will find fun and useful!

Every guildsite is completely free of advertisements! We'll never display banners, ads, or popups on your guildsite.

Why spend precious time and money developing a guild website when you can have fun playing the game instead? Join today to experience the newest evolution in free guild hosting.

Creating a guildsite will instantly provide you with the following tools to help manage your guild:

  • Personalized Subdomain
  • Ad Free - We'll never show ads on your guildsite. No lie.
  • DKP System - Use Raid Tracker to quickly import Raids!
  • CSS Customization - Design your guildsite to look exactly the way you want it.
  • Quick Theme - Use a quick theme to personalize your guildsite with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • News - Quickly show content on your homepage by marking a forum thread as "News".
  • Event Calendar - Lets your members sign up for upcoming events.
  • Forums - Full featured forums to keep your members engaged with the guild.
  • Guild Applications - Fully customizable so that you can get important questions answered.
  • Role Security - You decide who can see and do things on your guildsite.
    Navigation - Flexible navigation with role driven links.
  • Guild Access - Members can join using an authorization code or request access from an administrator.
  • Custom Pages - Create custom pages with your own content or add existing widgets to them.
  • Widgets - You decide what, where, and how, through an easy to use administration interface.
    • Forum - Link to recent, popular, locked, or news threads on any of your custom pages.
    • Member - Show all members, or members by role.
    • Game Progression - Easily track and display how far your guild has progressed.
    • Event Calendar - Display upcoming events in an easy to read calendar.
    • RSS - Display RSS Feeds from many gaming websites.
      Content - Add HTML and text directly to a page.
    • External Content - Show external web pages within your guildsite.
    • Roster - List all your members for everyone to see.
    • Google Maps - Show where your guild members hail from.
    • Ventrillo Status - Shows channels and users of your vent server.
    • Image Gallery - Display images that are linked to your guildsite.
    • Who's Online - See what members have been on the site in the last 15 minutes.
    • Guildsite Statistics - Compete with other guildsites to be the best!
    • More... - New widgets are being added all the time.
  • Wowhead Tooltips - Show tooltips on your guildsite.