Hi all.

I have always seen quite a few game related threads on here and decided to post up this bit of info about the Online Gaming Community that I run in case any of you are interested.

I run an Online Gaming Community with the aim to support clans by including them in the community allowing members to join the community and then the clans helping improve their member base in a friendly community aspect. Whilst doing this members have donated to us to allow us to provide some game servers for our clans and community members to use such as COD4 servers and a COD5 server with more server coming soon.

We dont give out free servers but look to where possible get a game server to help carry a clan/team and get them going within the community.

We have a Community TeamSpeak which can have as many slots as required (its currently on 64) - we offer out the use of it and free channels to clans who want to use it. Again this is helping members and clans that are apart of the community improve and have fun.

If your interested in helping us out, joining or want more info check out our website zer0-hour.co.uk, leave a post here or add me on xfire = darkerx2

Thanks for reading!