Greetings my name is Igor i am from croatia. I seek for sponsor for 4 or 10 slot cod 4 server.
I play Clan base 1 vs 1 and i am 75 rank: (for link pm me) and i have startet to play esl. I play many matches at clan base with many teams.
If you decide to sponsor me i will in return advertise you:

- when begin match in-game i will advetise you
- when finish match at clan base or esl website at match report or comments i will advetise you
- when i go to public server i will advertise ingame abaout you
- i will advertise you at my xfire status i got 484 Friends over 90 percent them play cod

+ i will take all links where i have advertise you on forum clanbase or esl. That i can send to you evidence. That you see that i am advertise you.

You can contact me tru:

x-fire: reddragon4
mail: pm me for mail

Thanks in advance.