Hello, My name is Element and I have a high quailty 75 slot public community ventrilo.
If you are a gamer and need voice communication, you have come to the right place.
We have many users in and out daily who use this ventrilo, but we have MANY slots that
need to be filled. Please know that this is for users who's clan/guild will use ventrilo
daily. If you would like a channel, please join me in ventrilo and wait in the "I need a
channel made" channel. You can have as many channels as needed and "channel admin" will
be handed out if asked for. I have 4 Public chat channels for guests who do not need to request
a channel. Please read the MOTD, it will tell you rules,how to report spamming, and donateing
information. We also do have the most up to date sound codec GSM 6.10 44KhZ. Thank you
for your time.

IP: Port: 3805 Element's Vent