I am the owner of a newly established CS:Source community.
I started the community with my own money a week ago in the knowledge I had an income and could support it. Then quite suddenly I was made redudant from my job and being 17 and not in the job for long did not recieve an redudancy pay.

So this is where you would come in. To make this community possible I need a sponsor who is able to supply us with a 16 and 20 slot server both 100 tick, this is substantial enough for the growth of the community from the 18 or so members we had regsiter within 5 days of the start of the community.

In return for this you will recieve several things. You will recieve advertisement space on the website and with some members multi-clanning/community you could recieve interest from there and from other traffic on our site, we would also ask for Branded servers therefore your name is seen on the server and this promotes you aswell, finally we will advertise by word of mouth making it known to other players who supplies our servers and how good they are (relying on you for positive comments lol :P).

Thank You

on behalf of the members at Hi-Fatality

ps. on our site you may notice we already advertise for some companies one of those is a member who donated and the other is our previous server host who we unfortunately had to leave due to the financial reasons detailed above.