Looking for a counter-strike source server that i may use for my new clan i started up. I live in the dallas area and im 19.
I can admin the server and watch over things when you are not there. Im also up @ late hours and i know alot of people that have a server, need admins up at late hours.

If you can get a on your server as one i can also help out with making maps and mods. Had alittle bit of experience when i was an admin on the Hellsgamers.com servers-i was an admin on all servers- but unfortunately i left them as to seeing they were a bunch of kids that just argued all the time haha.

contact me @

we can talk on my COD4 clans vent if you would like just msg me at one of those contacts and i will give you the vent info.
cod4 clan/community= xtremeidiots2.com

thanks guys