Hello, firstly let me introduce myself.
My name is Mario and i'm 20 years old guy from Croatia. I have been gamer my whole life. My first games i played was Counter-Strike and later Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne , Call of Duty 2 , Battlefield , World of Warcraft, Starcraft , Call of duty 4 and many more. My moto is : You are Pro or a Noob. I am perfectionist and i always played my games to perfection because i just couldn't stand the fact if i wasn't one of the best. Many people noticed my talent especially in Cod2 v1.0. I didn't like v.1.3. because people are very low and not much skill is shown there. In 1.0 i was part of very good clan named Evolution clan and i was their best player, but i have left the clan to go play cod4. But i noticed there isn't much skill in cod4 because its all about luck and spraying.So i moved back to Cod2 once again to try to form my High Skilled Team on v1.0. I have always been a good and experienced leader and i know how to push and train my team to become one of the best clans in Cod2 v1.0. My total game time in all xfire accounts on Cod2 is around 1600 hours.

So i'm looking someone who will sponsor my new team with Website
and a Public GameServer and/or Voice Chat. In return they could post their ads anywhere on the site and their ad would be show on console chat of server too where many people would see it and especially be interested because people will recognize skill and dedication of my new clan.I'm opened for all propositions.

Reply here with your contact address or proposition.

Mario aka HighQ