We are hosting free teamspeak channels for clans and guilds in need. We are gamers that know how expensive it can be to get your own server so thats why we provide this free service. We are currently working on a website at the moment and it should be done shortly. If you would like a free channel then join our community ts @ ts.freetschannels.com (! On our community ts we only provide with the best codec which is Speex 25.9 Kbit so dont worry about sounding like a robot. We have plenty of Staff to help you out with any problems! When you join the ts just go ahead and make a channel and the next time an admin is on they will register it for you! We also have a new system installed that shows your status when you connect and provides advanced security!

If you have any questions you can contact me by the following:

Xfire: bawls
MSNM: nick @ samp-servers.com
Email: nick @ freetschannels.com